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About Our Leaders

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Steel Construction Group, llc. is to:

  • Conduct our business with honesty and integrity toward all
  • Treat each client as if their project is our only project
  • Give our employees, sub-contractors, and sub-consultants the tools and training needed to excel
  • Be a responsible member of and give back to the community in which we exist
  • Never forget that our first allegiance is to the project above all other considerations

marie dickerson
D. Marie Dickerson

D. Marie Dickerson: As majority stockholder and Treasurer of The Steel Construction Group, LLC, Marie Dickerson brings years of experience in office management to the administrative duties required to ethically conduct business in todayís complex business environment.

sid w. dickerson
Sid W. Dickerson

Sid Dickerson has more than 35 years of experience in the steel industry. During that time he has been involved in all aspects of steel contracting from the drafting room to the board room.

While working at some of the most prominent fabrication companies in this country, he has worked on complex, fast-track projects which challenged both the abilities of those companies and available technologies.

During his 10 years as President of The Steel Construction Group, LLC he has helped owners, contractors and design entities to successfully complete projects during some of the most volatile times seen in the steel industry in its history.

His responsibilities with The Steel Construction Group, LLC include all program management, supervision of budgeting, fabrication activities, and erection interfacing.

William G. (Bill) Richey, PE

Bill brings over 50 years of experience to The Steel Construction Group, LLC. His experience includes service in the United States Army Corp of Engineers, being a principal in a major steel detailing firm in Kansas City, and over 29 years as Vice President of Engineering for two of the nations largest steel fabricators in Kansas City.

He is currently registered as a professional engineer in 6 states as well as holding professional membership in the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Billís responsibilities with The Steel Construction Group, LLC include supervision of sub-contract detailing firms, connection design and design assist activities.

John Watkins
John E. Watkins, PE

John has over 30 years of experience as a professional engineer and holds registration in Arkansas.

The majority of his experience has centered around field services and has involved projects such as the Arkansas River Bridge on I-440 in Little Rock, Arkansas and the Quachita River Bridge on US Hwy. 278 in Camden, Arkansas.

His responsibilities with The Steel Construction Group, LLC include on-site quality control as well as review of work-in-process at fabrication shops for the projects in which we are engaged. Monitoring of the progress of multiple shops is done through required weekly reporting but John may also make personal visits to each shop to validate accuracy of the reports previously submitted as well verify stored raw and fabricated materials.

Robert Jeremy Garringer

Jeremy has over 10 years experience in graphic design with an additional 3 years of fabricated structural steel.

As Marketing Director he is responsible for telling the company story. He is always available for in-house presentations to interested architects and engineers. During times of peak construction Jeremy will also conduct in-shop review and verification of fabrication status during the fabrication phase of projects.

Perry Pan

With a BA in Foreign Trade and 9 years experience in Chinese steel fabrication including being involved in developing the recording and monitoring systems needed to successfully export fabricated structural steel, Perry is our Senior Contracts Manager for Asia and Australia.

Perry works out of our Shanghai office and has responsibility for working with our sponsored shops during the bidding and contracting for new work to insure that all requirements are fully understood and taken into account.

During the execution of a contract Perry will visit the work-shops on a regular basis to insure that any issues that might arise are resolved in such a manner that schedule is not impacted.

Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang

Daniel has over 20 years experience in steel fabrication and serves as Senior Project Manager for work being fabricated in China for export to North America.

Working out of our Shanghai office, Daniel has handled more than 20 successful export projects during his career. His responsibilities include over-seeing quality control, schedule and shipping for our clients.

Andrew Lillich
Andrew Lillich

Andy has over 30 years experience with complex, fast-track projects having worked for two of the more prominent steel contractors in the Midwest.

He has a B.S from the University of Kansas and is currently registered in Kansas. As Senior Detailer his responsibilities include design assist activities, project set-up and overseeing of sub-contract detailing.

Ben Choi

Most of Benís 15 plus years in the steel industry were spent with one of Koreaís largest steel mills. His responsibilities with The Steel Construction Group, LLC include project management of projects placed with our associated Korean work-shops and coordination between fabricators and steel mills, both North American domestic mills and off-shore.


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